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Cairnmont Inc. is a multi-family office focusing on the protection and succession of the business, investment and philanthropic assets of families. Services are offered to individuals, families, trusts and foundations.

Guidance and advice is offered, in conjunction with the existing family advisors, to select, establish and administer the appropriate legal, financial and tax structures for the family’s assets and interests including protective regimes.

Principals of Cairnmont act as trustees, protectors, directors and administrators.

All services are provided in a personalized manner with professionalism, efficiency and discretion.

Our Services Include:
  • Estate planning and philanthropic planning.

  • Estate liquidation, settlement, administration and management.

  • Administration of trusts, holding companies and foundations.

  • Assistance in selecting and appointing investment managers, advisors and custodians.

  • Preparation of consolidated (multi-managers) investment performance statements.

  • Preparation of financial statements.

  • Preparation and monitoring of budgets, disbursing income and bill paying.

  • Treasury function coordinating financial intermediaries and cash management.

  • Secretariat, payroll, private collections and customized concierge services.